Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here Come the ELA and SS Flippers

I was lucky enough to attend FlipCon this year in Chicago – I’ve written about this a lot, so no need to rehash it all here. One thing, though, that struck me was how math and science heavy the conference was. By my totally unscientific estimating, I’d guess about 90% of the teachers at FlipCon came from one of those two disciplines. Given the seeming paucity of English and history flip class folks out there, I was hopeful of finding a burgeoning community of Humanities flippers, and the events of the last couple days were an exciting part of the consolidation of that community.

Tuesday evening I got to lend a history perspective on a group discussion on flipping ELA. It was great to hear Cheryl Morris, Troy Cockrum, Kate Perry, and Andrew Thomasson discuss what flipping English is. With the Common Core becoming a reality, and given the similarity between the English and history Common Core standards, I feel that there is a lot of collaboration possible between English and history flippers. I enjoyed being mostly a wallflower and learning from these other talented English flippers.

I just finished up a great group discussion earlier this evening with Chase Moore, Tom Driscoll, David Fouch, and Frank Franz about flipped history classrooms. And while clearly the number of flippers in the Humanities isn’t nearly equal to the numbers in math and science, it is exciting for me to build a content-specific flipped class community as a support network.

Thanks for sharing your expertise, everyone. Hope I get to participate again. The videos from these two discussions are posted below.

 Flipped ELA discussion

 Flipped history discussion