Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Right Way to Flip Your Class

There seems to be an implicit value judgment in the labeling of various ways to flip your class. Mastery. Self-paced. Standards-based grading. Flip 101. Project (or problem) based learning. Universal design for learning. Homework. No homework. Lectures. No lectures. Inquiry. POGIL. Explore-flip-apply. Etc etc etc forever and ever.

News flash - there isn’t a best kind of flipclass. The best kind of flipped classroom is the one you run: you know your students best. You know their needs. If you are willing to look at the huge variety of ways that you can flip your class, judge them based on what your students need, experiment and tweek classroom implementation, then continue to reflect on what works best for your students in your classroom, then you are flipping your class the right way.