Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#youredustory, Week 5

Prompt: Define "learning" in 100 words or less.
Sorry - I had to resort to bullet points this week to get out the ideas I wanted to share. Thanks for the prompt, Shawn! (This part doesn’t count towards my 100 words…)

Collaborative, socially constructed
Often messy
Influenced by student passions, interests, or questions
Powerfully driven by curiosity
Focused but flexible
Is more easily done when students feel comfortable, known, and heard
Needs to come after relationships with students have been built
Needs to be deep in a few areas, not shallow in many areas
Should be focused on skills, not content - content is the vehicle
Everyone doesn’t need to learn the same thing all the time
Involves risk-taking and failure
Connects from class to class and to real life
Is demonstrated in ways that work for the individual student

Messy learning in my room