Monday, June 1, 2015

#youredustory, Week 21: My Creative Council

Prompt: Who would be in your creative council?

This sounds like another question that I sometimes ask edtech friends when we congregate: who is in your edupantheon? I think I'll answer that question - the answers are essentially the same.

In no particular order...

Rushton Hurley: I got to know Rushton before I realized how mind-blowingly cool he was: Rushton ran the MERIT program when I did the program in the summer of 2011. He was there every day, helping us along and pushing us. It wasn't until I started to hang out in a wider circle of edtech folks that I realized how amazing Rushton was. I appreciate his ever-present positivity and nerdy sense of humor. Most importantly though, after hanging out with Rushton, I always feel energized and ready to go do the work that needs to be done. I want Rushton on my creative council not only for his knowledge, but for that 'we're going to do it' feeling I always leave conversations with him with.

Kristen Swanson: As I got to know the edcamp movement, I always looked up to Kristen and the rest of the edcamp founders. It wasn't until I attended edcampSac with Kristen that I realized that not only had she helped found this movement I love, but she is ridiculously intelligent. I had the privilege of sitting in several sessions with her that day and left kind of stunned with what I had heard that day. Her selfless dedication to the edcamp movement and ridiculous work ethic are both humbling and laudable. I want Kristen on my creative council because the work gets done - and done well - when Kristen is involved.

Jennie Magiera: I first got to chat with Jennie as I was trying to plan the first PLAYDATE in the Bay Area. I say the following with the greatest love and admiration: Jennie is CRAZY. She is one of the most energetic and just flat out fun people I've gotten to meet in education. However, she also is whip smart and all about doing what is best for kids. Her CUE conference keynote was great this year, and I loved it because she talked about real issues real kids faced in a real way, F bombs included. I want Jennie on my creative council because I feel like her energy would be a huge asset and I think she and the next person on the list would come up with crazy-brilliant ideas that would actually work.

Jon Corippo: Jon and Jennie are listed back to back for a reason: I feel know both of them would have no problem with running full steam ahead with what they weren't supposed to do - they'd do whatever it was, and make it an amazing experience for kids. Both Jon and Jennie are the right kind of crazy, the kind of crazy I'd want pushing me on a day to day basis. I got to visit Minarets, the high school that Jon started, a few years ago to check out their 1:1 program. And while I came away impressed with what Minarets was doing in this area, I went away floored by the culture and sense of community on that campus. I want Jon on my creativity council because of his ability create that sense of community and for his 'we're gonna make this happen' attitude.

Ramsey Musallam: Ramsey is brilliant. Period. The incredibly thorough way he thinks about education is nothing short of incredible. If I could be in any teacher in my PLN's class, it'd probably be Ramsey's chemistry class. I've also had the privilege of being around Ramsey as he has learned things. This is something everyone should experience: his unbridled enthusiasm is unlike anything I've seen in adults or kids. It's amazing. I want Ramsey on my creativity council for his thoughtful approach to education and for that enthusiasm.


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