Monday, April 14, 2014

#edcamp35: An Acrostic Masterpiece

So. After some creative and reflective #edcamp35 posts, I figured I ought to add some value. But how? As a limerick? Done already. A haiku? Done. Twice.

How could I add value? An acrostic poem! Except someone beat me to that too.

Oh well.  Without further ado...

Earnest, honest conversation was front and center
Diverse educational stakeholders attended
Converation-based sessions - not presentations - were the rule of the day
Award session made me think a lot - and this conversation has spilled over into Twitter and Voxer!
Masterfully organized by the #edcamp35 team
Passionate student voices were included in the day
3 modes of transport was what it took to get me to #edcamp35: car, plane, and train
5 feet was as far as you had to walk before bumping into another awesome educator