Saturday, April 26, 2014

Innovation Day 2014 in Pictures

Yesterday was the second Innovation Day that I have been lucky to have been a part of. I'll have something substantive to say about it - like a real blog post, not just pictures - later: that post is still being written.

Interested in running your own Innovation Day? All of our prep materials are in a publicly viewable Google Drive folder here - please steal away!

Here are some photos of the day.

Handmade volcano 

The beginnings of a Lego project 

Artwork! Not all Innovation Day projects are tech-intensive.

Okay, some projects use tech. A music project, I believe.

A panoramic shot of my classroom

The music section

Stop motion military actions movie 

The beginning of a zombie vs human board game

Creating a video game mod

Flip book artwork underway

Interview project

The whole gang: Innovation Day 2014 participants

We even had visitors: David, Rebecca, and Rachel stopped by to check out Innovation Day!
Thanks for letting me use this photo, David.