Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Year in the Omnibox

Ye Olde Omnibox (screenshot mine)

Inspired by a post by Jennie Magiera at the end of last year, I chronicled my year in my Chrome browser's Omnibox at the end of last year. It's pretty easy to do: type in a single letter, and see what website the Omnibox autocompletes for you. Without further ado, here goes.

A - about.me: Interesting. I've got an about.me profile, but I don't spend much time editing it. I must not go to very many A websites.

B - blogger.com: Given that I run this blog through Blogger, that makes sense.

C - calendar.google.com: Love Google calendar. And many Google tools. Nuff said.

D - drive.google.com: See C above.

E - edcampsfbay.org: I help organize edcampSFBay. Proud to see this show up here.

F - flowofhistory.com: Cool history website that I occasionally direct my students to. Check it out - neat flowcharts of how history unfolded.

G - gmail.com: See C above.

H - hhs.schoolloop.com: My school's grading portal. I don't love Schoolloop, but, well, that's why I have my class website on a Google site.

I - images.google.com: See C above.

J - nothing autocompleted when I typed in a J.

K - kaizena.com: Great way to leave audio feedback on my students' writing. Love Kaizena.

L - lmgtfy.com: YES!!! Love LMGTFY for answering bad questions people ask.

M - maps.google.com: See C above.

N - nextvista.org/my-name-is-michael: Great video I showed my students at the end of the semester. Take a couple minutes and watch it. Now. Seriously.

O - oetc.org: OETC puts on some great edtech events. They do conferences right: long sessions focused on doing, not on listening to the presenter talk at attendees.

P - phishtracks.com: A site that streams every concert my favorite band has ever played? For free? No surprise here...

Q - nothing autocompleted when I typed in a Q.

R - remind.com: Great tool. Use it regularly to text my advisees.

S - sites.google.com/site/worldhistorywithls: My class website. Yup.

T - tweetdeck.com: In an upset...

U - usbank.com: Yeah. Makes sense.

V - vimeo.com: No explanation needed.

W - wellsfargo.com: See U.

X - nothing autocompleted when I typed in an X.

Y - youtube.com: No explanation needed.

Z - nothing autocompleted when I typed in a Z.

Really interesting - a lot of similarities to last year's post (linked above), but a few important differences as well.