Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The OmniBox: My Year on Chrome

So Jennie Magiera’s post on how she reflected on her year on social media struck me as pretty cool. I particularly dug the part about the autocompleted website that shows up for each letter of the alphabet in a Chrome browser's OmniBox. Since I use Chrome all the time, I thought it would be cool to give it a try. Here goes nothing…

A = aesoponline.com: How I put in for subs in my district. Not sure that this says about me…
B = blogger.com: Makes sense - I blogged a lot more this year than I did last year, particularly at the end of the year.
C = cnnsi.com: Where I head first to read about sports.
D = drive.google.com: Yes.
E = edcamphome.org: Made me smile.
F = fall2013a.sched.org: Fall CUE’s online schedule.
G = gmail.com: Nuff said
H = hhs.schoolloop.com: Grade recording and parent emailing for HIllsdale High School where I teach.
I = integratedsf.oetc.org: The website for Darren Hudgins and OETC’s interatED San Francisco conference. Darren and his team put on a great conference. Check one out if you haven’t.
J = nothing suggested in the autocomplete - the OmniBox recommended playdate San Jose’s website, a letter of rec I wrote for a student whose name starts with J, and John Stevens’s Twitter page.
K = kaizena.com: Love Kaizena - it’s a great way to leave verbal feedback on a Google doc your students have submitted. I leave more and better feedback more quickly with Kaizena. That’s a win in my book.
L = livephish.com: Yes, I love tha band Phish. A lot.
M = maps.google.com: Nuff said.
N = naviance.com: My school coordinates a bunch of student information - and college applications - through Naviance.
O = nothing suggested in autocomplete.
P = plus.google.com: See G and M.
Q = nothing suggested in autocomplete.;
R = remind101.com: Love Remind101 - one way texting reminders to my students? Done.
S = sites.google.com/site/worldhistorywithls: My class website. Everything for my world history classes goes up here.
T = tweetdeck.com: Nuff said (for a fourth time).
U = usbank.com: Where I pay my credit card. That’s a thing.
V = nothing suggested in autocomplete.
W = wellfargo.com: My bank.
X = nothing suggested in autocomplete.
Y = youtube.com: In an upset...
Z = nothing suggested in autocomplete.

There you have it: my year on Chrome. Here’s to 2014 being every bit as awesome as 2013 was. I’ve got a feeling it will be...

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