Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Classroom

I was chatting with a teacher I'm friends with today who doesn't work in my building. Somehow, it came up that they had no idea what my classroom looked like. Obviously an easy thing to fix. Also, an easy thing to put pictures up of.

So here it is: my room.

I took these panoramas standing in the center of my room.

Why I don't like my classroom:
  • It's tiny
  • No natural light
  • Uncomfortable desks
Why I like my classroom:
  • It's mine. Because it is such a small room, I don't have to share it with another teacher. 
  • There isn't a front to the room. The desks are in pods of four all generally facing the center of the room.
  • There isn't a teacher desk.
Positives outweigh the negatives though. It's definitely home. And almost always full of students.