Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Show Your Work: The Instagram Hashtag Edition

I just finished reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon on Sunday. As I was finishing the book, I stumbled across a great example of #showyourwork.

My buddy Kristina - one of the most positive, edcamp-y educators I’m lucky enough to call a friend - started posting pictures on Instagram on January 1 with the hashtag #kp365 on them. I saw that question and started wondering about what it was there for.

I assumed Kristina was doing some sort of photo a day thing, given the 365 on the hashtag. Her initials are KP. Why include them in the hashtag? Did she want an easy way to see all the posts she made for photo a day this year?

Ooh. Maybe she was running an IFTTT recipe that posted pictures she added to Instagram with the #kp365 hashtag to a website! (Totally stole this idea from Jeff Heil, who blew m mind with it at a GAFE Summit 1.5 years ago.)

Then I stopped.

I love mobile photography. Why wasn’t I doing that? That’s an easy IFTTT recipe to set up.

So I’m doing a photo a day this year. I’m posting all my pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #kls365. They are all ending up on a website (that I’ll build out more of at some point).

Best part about all this? I still have no idea why Kristina is using the #kp365 hashtag on her photos. But just by showing her work, she got my wheels turning and made me want to go out and create.

Thanks, Kristina!