Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#EduWin for the Day

Just got an email from a former student who is now a sophomore in college. Among other things, the email said this:

Also just for fun I sent you this tiny first day assignment I did for a class I have: History 363: American Social Reform from Revolution to Reconstruction. The assignment was to write 200 words on "utopia," whether that be a place I've actually been, a place that doesn't exist, or an abstract idea. I'm sending it not just because it's for a history class (and therefore makes statements about history that I definitely began learning with you), but also because it was a really cool thing to sit down and do. I ended up coming up with a bit of a personal philosophy and wanted to show you!

This is why we teach.

Also, it totally didn't matter if the assignment that this student shared with me was good - it was completely the thought that counted. However, the assignment was freaking brilliant: thoughtful, eloquent, measured - all of the things. 

Absolutely made my day.