Sunday, September 8, 2013

Something New: #CAedchat Tonight (9/8)

Just want the gist and not the backstory? The first two thirds (or so) of tonight’s #CAedchat will be a no tech tools zone. We’re talking feedback, but focusing on the ideas behind feedback not the tech tools. After the chat is over, let us know what you thought - was this a good experiment or not?

Want the story? Keep reading...

As I’ve heard my buddy John Stevens say about education and experimentation in the classroom, “I’ll try anything once.” Well, that is the attitude we’re taking into #CAedchat (California’s state education chat) tonight.

Every week we ask for topic suggestions from participants in the chat. As a moderator, I enjoy going over the suggestions - they are a spectacular way to improve our chat, as well as a way to bring in guest moderators who had the original idea.

A couple weeks ago, I was going over the suggested topics and saw that Chris Long had suggested a #CAedchat on feedback without tech tools. I heard John’s saying in my head and reached out to Chris to see if he’d be interested in co-moderating a feedback chat on that exact topic: the ideas, not the tools, behind effective feedback.

Which brings us to tonight’s chat: the first two thirds of the chat will be a no tech zone - we’ll be talking about effective feedback, but not what tools we use to give that feedback. No fear - the last third of the chat will be a time to share tech tools around feedback.

Whether you enjoy the no tech zone of the chat or not, please let us know!