Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today’s #eduwin

I written before about the School Redesign Project that my students did - it was a cool project that created some neat - and also subversive - thinking. Here was one of the presentations:

On slide 7, this group - who is discussing a redesign of the school schedule - suggested, among other things, class yoga breaks on days with longer class periods. During the question and answer session of this group’s presentation, someone asked which change would be the easiest to enact. The answer the group gave was yoga breaks on block days. The immediate follow-up question won’t be a surprise: “Are you going to lead yoga breaks?” Unfortunately, no one in the group knew how to do yoga.

Fast forward two weeks. One of the group members asked if I would be okay if they led a yoga break on our once a week 88 minute block period.

“I thought you didn’t know how to do yoga. Or teach people how to do yoga.”

“Well, I watched some YouTube videos last night. I think I want to try.”

Umm, YES!

After a little negotiation on the location of the yoga break, it was on. Today, 45 minutes into class, 2/3 of my third period world history class headed outside and did yoga for 10 minutes. And it was kinda awesome!

Sorry for the high contrast in the picture - I was pulling the ‘make sure you can see your students outside while you are near your classroom and can check on the kids in there’ trick. And yes, that larger individual in the right foreground is my students’ math teacher, who had a prep third period and went out and joined the kids.

That, friends, is my Wednesday #eduwin.