Friday, November 22, 2013

#20time Update

So a bunch of groups are straight cruising right now. High fives on the way in, excited to go and DO their 20time projects. But teachers know: you don’t see those students (the ones who are engaged) when you reflect. You see the students that are meandering through the class period.

Well, that’s what I’m seeing right now: I’m seeing the groups that aren’t using their time in class well. The groups that are socializing and not moving forward with their projects. I’m seeing the groups that forgot the materials that they needed for the day (despite the frequent ‘every Friday for the rest of the year is 20time’ reminder) and who don’t use classtime well to plan or gather information. And even the smattering of students that still don’t have projects approved.

There have been distractions: students have been doing a lot of Humanities writing the last few weeks. (I run a world history class that is closely linked to the my students’ English class - common students, common themes, common content, common tasks.) But I still need to make a few corrections for a few groups before we break for the end of first semester - get them out of their unproductive - or less productive than it could be - rut.

I’ve got a couple weeks until the next 20time: we do 20time on Fridays and with Thanksgiving break this next week we won’t have 20time for two weeks. I need to do some thinking about how to refocus some of these groups. How to move them forward, into a place of action every week.