Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#fallCUE: All of the #EduAwesome

Oh man. Fall CUE. Yes, it was almost two weeks ago. Yes, I’ve been way too busy to talk about it until now.

Like everything in education - literally everything - fall CUE was all about relationships. The absolute highlight of the conference was getting to see friends from all over California (AND ONE FROM MICHIGAN!!!), folks I don’t get to see more than a couple times a year, and get to spend time talking with them. Not a Twitter discussion. Not a Google hangout. Face to face.

The best part of these: spontaneous gatherings of #eduawesome people that happened on both Friday and Saturday nights. Small gatherings got bigger and all of a sudden, there were groups of awesome people hanging out. Spectacular.

The best sessions I went to - with one exception - were not about tech. Rushton Hurley’s session on inspiring staff and students was tremendous. If you ever have a chance to see Rushton present - even if the session isn’t something at the top of your need-to-learn list - go see it. The man crushes presentations. Roni Habib’s session on creating a culture of creativity was thought-provoking and movement oriented - a great way to end the first day of fall CUE. The tech highlight? Andrew Schwab’s session about living in a post-desktop world was also excellent. I always love Andrew’s unique, thoughtful take on edtech and this session certainly lived up to that standard!

The two keynotes - by Ramsey Musallam and Angela Maiers - were both spectacular and sprinkled with passion. Ramsey’s use of humor and Angela’s message for compassion in the classroom were excellent. A highlight? This happened. Yes, a #brewcue shoutout during Angela Maier’s closing keynote.