Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day of #20time

I've been meaning to write more about how 20% time has unfolded over the last month or so in my room, but have gotten crazy busy. Whoops...

After losing some momentum because of missed work days - my fault for not budgeting time well - we are back on a #20time roll. My fifth period class today was a joy. Projects are approved and kids are rolling. I wandered around and took pictures - they are below.

So much fun to watch kids go out and just do. Create. Help others.

A couple groups are going to be using on-campus facilities for their projects and had to submit facilities use forms to get the space they needed. These requests got turned down, so a couple groups spent time today with one of our principals talking about their projects and facilities needs. Both are moving forward with the blessing of the principal. She bumped into me today and mentioned how cool it was that the projects were happening, but also how neat it was that kids were being forced to deal with the red tape of securing facilities use as sophomores. Clearly, I agree!

Matt, Tara, and Karen editing one of their how-to videos

Natalie working on her gluten-free cooking website

Ana, Mari, and Lauren making blankets for needy families

Jacob and Sophia making fliers for their coat drive

Aidan and Andrew working on their Minecraft how-to video series

Zach creating a video game and William learning about special effects in zombie movies

Sanchit building his website for his computer company