Sunday, March 22, 2015

#youredustory, Week 11: Student Voice

Joint Attention by Terry Anderson from US Army
So how are we defining student voice? Is about listening to student feedback? Is about integrating student desires into what you do on a day to day basis in the classroom? I don't feel like I have a good definition for what this is. Which might make me a bad person. Or at least a bad teacher.

I feel like my lack of a concrete definition as to what student voice is means it isn't something I do well. Which I knew when I started this blog post.

Okay. So what do I do. I elicit and listen to student feedback. I integrate their feedback and ideas into future units. I give kids the time and the space to learn about the things that they are interested in - history related content on open-ended projects and more wide open exploration and creation with 20% time.

However, I know I can do more. I know I SHOULD do more . I'm looking forward to reading other responses this week and stealing a few ideas!

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