Friday, March 6, 2015

#youredustory, Week 9

Prompt: A big picture exercise - put together a design brief for a new learning space.

This question goes beyond my (limited) areas of expertise. What's a design brief? Yes. I could Google it. Where's the fun in that though? A few loose thoughts, in no particular order:

White board paint on every wall.
Windows and skylights: natural light is important.
Robust wifi.
We can do better than this
final exam by dcJohn from flickr

Moveable furniture that allows for flexible groupings and IS SOMETHING THAT IS ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE TO SIT IN.
Projection systems mounted to illuminate at least two of the four walls.
A glass walled entry room where kids could go to collaborate while others worked quietly.
Good speakers - music can be helpful as kids are working.

I'm sure there is a lot that I'm forgetting. It's an initial offering though.


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